Finchley Thompson | Public Displays of Affection

The Public Displays of Affection or PDA as expressed by visitors to London
In many countries around the world such behaviour could land you in jail and more severely the sentence of corporal punishment. One kind of human contact punished with another altogether more vile kind of contact. The shared warmth and succour of love, support and friendship replaced with the pain, bewilderment and fear of austere prohibitive regimes. The consensual act of affection between human beings crushed by the twisted minds and fears of others.
This is a celebration of people able to show that they care, love and support one another. Physical recognition of kind words. Of those racing hearts and butterflied stomachs. Hugs to tell you I missed you. Hugs to tell you I miss you already. Hands held because the touch electrifies yet calms. Kisses on cheeks or lips, gentle or passionate…….
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