Finchley Thompson | Canon Camera Skills

Canon Camera Skills

One to One Tuition Using your Canon DSLR

Have you got a Canon DSLR which you use a bit but you’re stuck in green square mode. Maybe you are using Manual mode because everyone on the internet says that’s what you should do but you feel lost. Fed-up with YouTube videos not answering your questions no matter how many times you rewind or rant at the screen?

I’ve been shooting with Canon film SLR’s and digital DSLR’s for many years and have shot hundreds of thousands of images. My camera is a tool which allows me to convert my vision into great photographs and I can help you on the path to doing the same.

Because I only teach one or two people at a time I can be very flexible in my approach to how you like to learn. We will go through theory and/or practical skills in a balance to suit you and your goals.

There is much to learn about your Canon DSLR so once I understand what you already know and where you want to improve your knowledge I can make a plan to help you.

From a beginners overview to concentrating on one or two features, my goal is to get you shooting more confidently and getting the great pictures you want.

For prices and the booking enquiry form please follow the link > Photography Tuition Pricing

Topics we can cover

  • What is a camera (box, film, lens)
  • Digital sensors
  • The light meter and metering modes (Incident, reflected)
  • Modes, what they do and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Getting your camera set up
  • The histogram
  • How the aperture and shutter speed affect the image
  • What is Depth of field
  • How to operate your lens
  • Focal length, Angle of View [A.O.V.] & Perspective
  • Lens impact on Depth of Field [D.O.F.]
  • Sensor size and Lens Magnification Factor
  • White Balance [W.B.] and Colour theory
  • Advantages of shooting RAW
  • Advanced shooting skills (BBF, Panning, Street)
  • Post production using Lightroom and Photoshop