Finchley Thompson | Food Photography - Tomatoes

Food Photography - Tomatoes

July 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Simple but strong lighting for this stunning fruit which mostly gets used as a vegetable. I used two large sheet of plastic from a local art store as the seamless background. Each sheet is about A1 size and flexible enough for this purpose. One sheet black and one sheet white.

Lighting came from a single Elinchrom Dlite 4 studio strobe.


Three beefsteak tomatoes on the black plastic background lit by the 66cm Portalite softbox. It's probably not so easy to tell from the image above but when compared to the shot below without the softbox the difference in the hardness of the highlights in the tomato skin can be easily seen


Harder light from a gridded reflector. Sharper more specular highlights the light source is smaller and doesn't wrap around the tomatoes like the light from the softbox.


Lastly the same lighting but now with the white background. The white reflects light back into the bottom of the fruit showing as soft highlights below compared to the harder top highlights. Droplets of a water and gelatine mix add texture and even more small highlights to the tomato. A spray bottle with a mixture of water and gelatine is a studio essential as it produces nice water droplets which don't drip too much and importantly don't evaporate in the warm studio. I've used the water/gelatine mixture on drink photography like cans and bottles. The "condensation" has lasted for several weeks after the shoot.


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