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Daily Bread - Delicious Food Photography

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Bread, the stuff of life. Created in many shapes and sizes all around the world. The common ingredients being milled grain, water and heat to set the form. After that the varieties are as endless as the artisans who produce it. Different grains, different yeasts or no yeast, different fats or no fat, mixed with nuts, fruit, vegetables, seaweed or whatever the imagination takes. Kneeded, rested, stretched, twisted, plaited. Sprinkled with seed or flour. Glossy with a milk or egg wash. Rough and split. Soft, chewy, firm, crumbly. Every shade of brown and gold from black to white. Loaves, rolls, knots, sliced, flat, long, short, circular or square to name a few.

Hot from the oven dipped in olive oil or spread with melting butter. Used to soak up gravy. Used to make a wrap. A slice above and below for a sandwich. Pocketed to hold a kebab. Layered in bread & butter pudding. Chunks to dip in hummus and other appetisers. Cut into soldiers for dippy eggs. Love it or Hate it with Marmite.

A triplet of delicious bread rolls from my local supermarket. They smelled divine and tasted wonderful with slightly salted butter and nothing else.

Photographed by me before they were devoured.

BreadBread BreadBread BreadBread BreadBread


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