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Back in March I was contacted by Carme who needed a set of images for the website of her new company Let's Talk in Spanish. The brief was for photographs which showed Carme as the open, friendly and communicative person that she is and which showed the key elements of her new venture which is One to One Spanish language lessons using the power of the internet and Skype.

Carme was happy to travel up from her home town of Brighton to London for our shoot so we met at London Bridge station and headed to some locations I thought might be suitable. The first was a bit of a bust. Very smart and set up with business people in mind, comfortable seating, power outlets and mini meeting spaces. The decor was dark colours, blacks and reds, too somber which didn't suit the light fresh feel required.

On to the next location, a bar, which was a little busy. Great views but a bit cramped for space. At the restaurant in the same place we were able to get a dining table by a window which opened up possibilities. The staff were quite chilled about us taking photographs so we tried a few variations and got some nice shots with Carme using my laptop as a prop.

I knew we were going to use my laptop and would need some shots over Carme's shoulder looking at the screen. I also knew that it was going to be difficult finding good free wifi and starting Skype calls whilst also having someone waiting at the other end to answer while we were out shooting. So a couple of days before the shoot I took a couple of shots of myself wearing headphones at an angle that looked as if I was on a laptop at the other end of the call. Picture libraries I checked had relatively few good stock images that could have been used and the one good on I did find would have added quite a lot to the budget. I hadn't mentioned my little preparation to Carme so it was great to surprise her and caused a few laughs when I flipped the laptop open and got the image of me with headphones full screen. Having something other than a blank screen also gave a real something for Carme to look at and made it easier to drop other screen grabs in during post production.

Our last location was the balcony at the top of the Southbank Centre. A bit breezy and chilly (unsurprising for early March in the Northern Hemisphere) but it was empty enough that we were able to use the great light outside to finish up our shoot. By this point we were both happy that we had enough good photographs and wrapped the shoot.

Of the 300+ shutter presses I selected down to around 120 images to share with Carme. My web hosts have a pretty good private album system that I can use to show images to clients. Combined with a robust numbering system which I use when publishing directly from Lightroom to the client album it makes it easy for the client to select the images they want fully edited for delivery at full resolution.

Below you can see a few of the final selection. I've included one where I removed a tree and swapped the on screen image of me with headphones to another of Carme's clients.

If you would like your own business portraits or if you have a hobby or passion you would like have some great photos of then get in touch. And if you want to learn Spanish with a fantastic tutor to suit your busy schedule then get in touch with Carme at Let's Talk in Spanish. Adiós Amigos!


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