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So Marion is a girl I met in a pub which I was in because a model wasn't able to make it to a shoot. Marion was sitting at a table by the window with a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a note book which she was writing in with a pencil. I was sitting chatting with my friend Rod and noticed her come and sit down at the next table. Rod and I continued chatting but I have to admit to being distracted by Marion. The light was streaming through the windows lighting up her wine and making her hair glow. Eventually I gave in to my shyness and asked if I could take a portrait, explaining that I loved the tableau laid out before me. She agreed with no issue and I took a few photos. Of course we continued chatting and I learned that Marion was from France working at a restaurant in the London and had an ambition to become a tattooist.

Anyways, since that day I've met up twice more with Marion and my friend Rod to shoot and create some great photography. Here are a few photographs from our most recent meet up. We'd arranged to meet near Holborn in London close to where Marion works so she could shoot and head straight to work. To be honest I'd flaked a bit on a location. We walked towards an arcade nearby which had beautiful bay windowed shops but it was busy and didn't really inspire. Across the road was Bloomsbury Square so we thought we'd have a look. Still a bit unsure we decided it would be best to get shooting. We had limited time and sometimes the urgency can force the buds of creativity to emerge. And they did. After a few closer portraits and a Brenizer shot I hit on the idea of using the daisies as a prop. Marion was happy to lie down with a few of them surrounding her head. It made for a few laughs as trying to get an overhead shot while keeping my feet out of the picture meant sticking my bum out to counterbalance. It was very funny, but I guess you had to be there :) We finished off with a few shots of Marion sat in the bottom of the Beech hedge which surrounds the Square. I was really getting into my stride by then so it was a shame when Marion had to head off to work.

The phrase "Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail" has some merit I guess but sometimes having an open mind can create unexpected serendipitous opportunities. Today was one of those occasions.

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