Finchley Thompson | London Fashion Week Backstage

London Fashion Week Backstage

September 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One of the perks of getting a wristband for London Fashion Week is access to the backstage area of the catwalk. Bloggers and most press photographers only get what is called "Front of House" access which basically means access to the photographers pit at the end of the catwalk. Back of house is reserved for designers, models, makeup and hair artists and people working on the preparations for the catwalk show. And of course a few photographers to record those preparations.

There are a few common sense guidelines to being a back stage photographer. "Don't get in the way" being pretty high up the list along with don't shoot the models when they are getting changed into the catwalk outfits. They are not there to model nude for anyone and it's just impolite and rude to shoot them like that. Otherwise the idea is to capture moments of the calmly frantic activities as models move from makeup stations to hair stations to getting their allocated clothes and shoes at wardrobe followed by a touch up for any displaced hair and makeup.

Goodness knows what models did before the internet on a phone but whilst sitting and being powdered and brushed it's a good time to catch up on the latest social media.

The backstage preparations in this series of photographs were for a "Presentation" rather than a catwalk. A presentation is more of an open show which the audience can walk around as the models pose and interact. This presentation had 3 states where the models would walk up the catwalk, stand and roll their heads or interact with the audience. Each state to a different section of music which meant a little practice session was organised to get everyone in their spots for the head rolling and to set the order in which they would take turns to do a walk up the runway and return to the group. The presentation would be repeated several times over the allotted 2 hours.

To see the models in their final outfits look out for my next blog post showing my favourite images from the RUN presentation.

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