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Head In A Box

July 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It was getting late and we'd taken so many photographs already but we decided to put in a bit more time to try a concept image. This was the day Elizabeth and Ondrej were at my studio. We'd done prop shots with a chair, been out in the field with the ponies and it was later in the afternoon than we'd realised. The idea had been discussed earlier and we'd all been a little excited to try it, so despite time pushing on we got to work.

The concept was a head in a box. Freshly delivered from a mafiosi kidnap where the ransom wasn't paid. The little twist being the head still awake and conscious. Freaky or comedic? We ended up more towards the comedic with Elizabeth tongue seeking the dribble of blood coming from her nose.

A lot of fun and laughter was had. A stack of photographs was taken as we tweaked and played with the ideas and of course added more and more fake blood. The initial photographs showed the open flaps of the box against the floor with the idea of showing the story of the parcel having been just opened. In reality I didn't think they worked was well as imagined so I cropped in to the edges of the box which gives a nice tight cramped feel.

This is my favourite of the shots. A great expression from Elizabeth and just the right amount of blood for my tastes ;)


Here are some of the other fun & bloody photographs we got. Including the final "coup de gras", a bullet to the forehead.

20160613~175527~027620160613~175527~0276 20160613~175657~028020160613~175657~0280 20160613~175716~028220160613~175716~0282 20160613~175737~028520160613~175737~0285 20160613~175749~028720160613~175749~0287 20160613~175810~028920160613~175810~0289 20160613~175926~029620160613~175926~0296 20160613~175932~029720160613~175932~0297 20160613~180455~030220160613~180455~0302 20160613~180558~030820160613~180558~0308 20160613~180607~030920160613~180607~0309 20160613~181542~031920160613~181542~0319 20160613~181956~032920160613~181956~0329 20160613~182010~033020160613~182010~0330 20160613~183809~035220160613~183809~0352


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