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April 30, 2015  •  1 Comment

A few weekends ago I was invited to a mini fashion event at Spitalfields Market being held by OtterBox to promote a new range of more fashionable cases than their usual rugged wares. I'm beginning to think it's a trait of fashion events that they are populated by a friendly bunch of people. I came away with new friends from all threads of the fashion world. Students of fashion, students of fashion marketing, financial advisors who modelled on the side, fashion bloggers and music artist managers.

Cami was the music manager. Fresh over from France and already with a artist under her wing. As there was a fashion event the following weekend near The Royal Albert Hall and I would be out with my camera I was happy to go along with her request and suggestion to take some photos of her protege. There were actually a band and a solo artist.

So here are some photos of solo artist Eliseo. I'd never been round the back of The Royal Albert Hall where there are broad staircases and great unobstructed views of the famous building. It was also very quiet with very few people walking through getting in the back of shots. I was also impressed that there didn't appear to be any issue with using the location for photos. Quite often when security guards see a big camera they treat you as if you were a film crew running rough shod, trampling and generally disrespecting the place. We did of course have fun and got some good photos and all without annoying anyone.

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Its an amazing article, thank you for your wonderful photos !! I wish you can follow and realise your dreams with your photo's ambitions, your talent has to be recognize !!
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