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Food Photography - Tomatoes

July 22, 2018
S imple but strong lighting for this stunning fruit which mostly gets used as a vegetable. I used two large sheet of plastic from a local art store as the seamless backgr...
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July 19, 2018
A studio shoot with Jessie playing with props like a floor lamp, the polystyrene packing from an old cushion and a box of extra length matches. All the shots were taken u...
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Portraits of Kate in Canning Town - East London

July 17, 2018
F unny how friendships can be. I haven't seen Kate for a couple of months and then we catch up twice within the space of a few days. Here are a few portraits of Kate take...
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Daily Bread - Delicious Food Photography

July 14, 2018
B read, the stuff of life. Created in many shapes and sizes all around the world. The common ingredients being milled grain, water and heat to set the form. After that th...
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Watford Architecture - From Georgian to Brutal

July 12, 2018
It sure is a scorching hot summer in the UK this year. We've had a few weeks of blue skies with perhaps one or two days with morning cloud. And while many people will be...
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Panoramic Portraits

July 10, 2018
P hotography can be pretty much anything you want it to be. It's subjective. You may like super saturated landscapes or perhaps gritty black and white street. It really d...
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Portraits of Paloma at University of Arts London

July 08, 2018
Z aria had flown her special friend and muse from Spain to London to model her final designs. Typical of English people I didn't speak any Spanish but Paloma knew enough...
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Quick Natural Light Portraits of Marta

July 05, 2018
A few between sessions portraits from a recent fashion collection photoshoot. Marta had such a great connection and attitude with the camera. I'm looking forward to shoot...
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