Bowler Hatted

March 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So this is what happens when you've had a weekend of sunshine followed by a weekend of grey. The juices are flowing and desire for creative outlet is high. I went into London for a wander around on Saturday armed with a camera and brighter eyes hoping to see new things and perhaps people quirky and interesting enough to inspire the courage needed to ask for a portrait. It was however back to the grey of the last few months.

Not wishing to waste the day, Plan B in the photographers armoury was put into place. Plan B is the act of seeking inspiration in the work of others. Especially important when the real world isn't coming up with the goods. The first step of this days Plan B was a visit to the Getty Gallery on Eastcastle Street which has a regular rotation of great photography. The exhibition was a curation of some of the best new photography being produced. Several of the images set off ideas in my mind. Getty had produced a show catalog which in exchange for £5 ended up in my bag and saved me from making idea notes on my phone.

One of the ideas that inspired was a photograph of a girl holding a large pair of scissors to her tongue. It kind of resonated with me when I think of the way we sometimes are so busy talking that we never stop to listen. Late last year I discovered a photographer called Rodney Smith and was able to get hold of a book of his photos directly from his studio in New York. Rodneys photography is very quirky and features a lot of people with bowler and top hats. Somehow this must have insinuated it's way into my mind, as on a whim, I bought a bowler hat when out with friends a few weeks ago.

All the pieces are falling into place. The weather is too bleargh to go out, I have a bowler hat and I've been inspired by interesting images. What better to do, than to set the camera on a tripod with a wide angle lens to add a bit of distortion, fix a couple of flash/strobes and pull some faces while brandishing a pair of scissors.

I had fun making them. Do they make you react? Even if it's in a squeemish way? Leave your thoughts below or in the post on my website. I'm all ears......(which has just given me another idea) 

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