Leather & Lace

February 17, 2015  •  1 Comment

It was lovely to meet up with Georgiana on a chilly but sunny day in early February in London for a photoshoot. Georgiana is a fashion blogger and is thus always stylishly dressed. On this occasion the style was leather and lace.

My friend and fellow photographer John was with me as we'd met earlier and used the time to scout for locations around London Bridge station. There was fabulous low winter sun in a courtyard close to Guys Hospital. Even as we photographed Georgiana the shadows were moving across the ground and up walls so fast that we had to move to new spots every few minutes. John had brought a flash with wireless connections and was using it to great effect when we used a steel mesh wall as our background. I played the role of VAL (voice activated lightstand) holding the flash above and to the side to give more flattering lighting angles. Daylight flash is one of my less strong skills which I've resolved to practice and get comfortable with.

By the end of our time the cold was starting to set in so we headed back to London Bridge where we had a quick go at an idea I had from an inspiring photograph by Norman Parkinson of a girl standing by a bollard on a traffic island as a bus passed her by. Sometimes when trying a technique as simple as a slightly longer shutter speed to allow movement to blur you realise what an amazing imagination photographers had to have back in the days of film. It took me a few goes with a digital camera to get the right shutter setting and I had the benefit of the screen on the back of my digital camera to check the results and adjust as necessary. Parkinson on the other hand had a film camera and had no way to check aside from waiting for the film to come back from the processors. Scroll to the bottom of this blog post to see my version.

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